Money Raised so Far
brighter lives for kids
I have worked as the coordinator of the Family Resource Center or 20 years and i am amazed and thrilled by the enthusiasm, energy and drive of the volunteers involved with the foundation.
- - Agnes Family Resources,,
These women enter the school and provide support to the teachers and role models for the students. The kids squeal when they enter and ask about them when they are gone. The wonderful that have developed are priceless for the students and adults.
- Agnes Family Resources ,,
In addition to the time, tutoring and teaching done by the volunteers involved with the foundation, other activities are occurring. Field Trips, Reader Books, New moms baby and toddler clothing, equipment such as strollers, car seats and bottles!
- Agnes Family Resources,,
A music concert for all kids k-2nd grade. A day at Sportsplex where the kids were ice skating, rock climbing and painting! Formal dresses for our 8th grade Gala and 6th grade Cotillion and more!
- Agnes Family Resources,,
Many of my students do not have access to leveled readers to practice their fluency and comprehension at home. The readers purchased by the foundation are the best gift many students have received. Each day students happily bring back their reader bag and book and thumb through the basket to select a new book. Through this program the kids are learning to see the joy in reading and parents are able to read a story with their kid that is on their independent reading level.

- Candace (Grade 1 teacher Cesar Batalla) ,,
The hands down best opportunity of the year was the field trip to Fairfield Sportsplex. My students are tenacious and enthusiastic but lack background knowledge. Many of them have no experience outside of going to school and going to the grocery store. Children who are successful students tend to attach new knowledge with background knowledge.
- Candace (Grade 1 teacher Cesar Batalla),,
Their smiles were something beautiful to see. They aren't given a choice who they are born to, where they are born or what city in which they will educated. They deserve everything their more fortunate neighbors have access too. This foundation is going to level the playing field and we are eternally grateful.
- Candace (Grade 1 teacher Cesar Batalla),,