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brighter lives for kids

The Foundation Board of Directors

Jimeale - Founder + president
Brighter Lives for kids foundation was inspired by jimeale after she was volunteering at a local Bridgeport school and saw the desperate need for additional help at the school from school supplies to exposure for the students to new experiences such as field trips. Jimeale loves being in the classroom helping with reading and seeing the children evolve and tell her about the books they have been reading. “My favorite day was when we took all the grade 1’s on a field trip and watching their faces and expressions asz they were trying things they have never done before like ice skating and karate or painting from a swing. It was such an overwhelming, heavy heart full of happiness and sadness feeling all in one. One of the students said to me “this is the best day of my life” with such innocence and appreciation that i am determined this is not going to be their last day like this. I call these children the Brave and the Beautiful. Jimeale’s favorite book is Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

Alexis is a Mom of two young children. She loves volunteering in the First Grade class and seeing the world through the children's eyes. She believes it is imperative to foster a love of learning at a young age as it will set the tone for the rest of their education. Alexis's favorite class in school was American History and her favorite book is Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Jay - Treasurer
What I love about being part of this foundation is seeing the smiles on children's faces and knowing that I helped it get there.

Molly - Secretary
Molly is honored to be part of Brighter Lives for Kids, she has worked as an educator with at risk children in Illonis and New York and loves being part of Brighter Lives for Kids “It is an honor to be able to help those in need. After a career in education, this foundation and cause is very dear to my heart"

Lisa has spent several years working as a speech pathologist in an inner city school in MA. She loves working with students who are always hungry to learn and have small group attention. Since starting her own family and moving to CT, she began volunteering as a reader and felt an instant connection with the students and teachers of Bridgeport. She loves being able to help these bright spunky kids in anyway she can. The thing Lisa loves most about the foundation “I can see the changes in the children once exposed to new activities and experiences they may not have been able to have"